what to eat after having baby

What to eat after giving birth

Losing weight after being pregnant is difficult, but here are some g0-to foods that are nutritious, delicious, and will give you the energy you need as your infant grows (and hopefully, sleeps!)

  1. Water – ok, while not technically a food, you need water! Many people are dehydrated, and new moms are at a huge risk because they need to keep their milk production up.  Meanwhile, water provides you with a sense of being fuller longer.
  2. Blueberries – full of antioxidants and super delicious, blueberries are filled with lots of minerals and will provide you with a great source of healthy carbs to keep you going. They are a superfood, and some scientists feel that they can also help us shed excess fat as well.
  3. Lean beef – I know, I’m not really a huge red meat eater, but seriously ladies, I’m not kidding when I recommend lean beef. You need iron, protein, and B-12 while you’re nursing, and lean beef is an excellent source. By staying away from excess animal fats by choosing leaner cuts, you’ll get all the benefits of lean beef without the unnecessary calories.
  4. Brown rice – just reducing carbs after a baby isn’t the best way to lose weight. Your body needs carbs for energy and brown rice will give you the solid, whole-grain carbs that you need. Brown rice, unlike white, takes longer to digest and doesn’t spike your insulin.
  5. Eggs – You can cook them a thousand ways, eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. Eggs will help you boost fatty acids in your breast milk, and they will keep you full.
  6. Low fat dairy – cheese, milk, and yogurt are full of vitamin D, B, and calcium. Your baby needs healthy milk for bone and brain development, so try to get at least several cups of dairy products a day. Studies show that those who drink milk and eat dairy foods are typically more trim that those who don’t.

We hope this little list of suggestions is helpful for all you new moms out there. And if you are looking for great snacks to help you feel full while losing weight, please visit our store.